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Free System
1- Begins with two weeks of cleaning your stomach and intestines trough       " ENEMAS" I found one that is good, the name of this product is   
 FLEET ENEMA, ready to used you can buy it at any Ride Aid, and used   1 IN the morning and 1 at night. follow the instructions in box.
2- All your food must be organic, fruits and vegetables; no meat of any          kind, cow milk, cheese or  eggs.
3- When you finished your two
weeks of cleaning your stomach, the next       three months and a half are a very important part of your treatment, it        consist of: Drink two ounces of Radish Leave juice every morning on         an empty stomach.
4- Just put the radish leaves (Washed first) on your blender with as little        water as you can, just enough to make two ounces of juice, then drink        it. It is strong and some people do not like it, But IT KICK YOUR       PANCREAS TO WORK!
5- For the next three months and a half you will continue with this radish        leave juice in the morning, on an empty stomach.
6- All your foods as breakfast, lunch and dinner, will be almost the same;       the only variation that it won't be meat of any animal, milk, cheese, and      eggs.  It seems like a big deal but it is not !
7- After these three months and a half you can eat as you please. You           MIGHT GET RID OF THIS DISEASE, and hopefully by this time you          will know that it is better to eat vegetables, legumes and fruits; if                 possible organic.
8- Most of this time this system works, but if not at least you know how to      clean your stomach.  There are not negative side effects. Continuing          checking your blood sugar and take your medicine until you feel good        and confident that you are in the right track. Then slowly start                     decreasing the medicine, until the point of no need it, anymore.
9- As always consult your doctor before starting this system, or anybody        that knows better than you do about your health and body. This system      will not work for everybody.
10- The information provides here is educational only if you want to follow       up, it will be at your own risk.

                            NOW JUST PRINT, IT IS FREE!

                   Tell your friends, family; for a better  world!
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